Getting the Book to those who need it the most

The objective of Mission: PoSSible

My objective in writing Mission: Possible is to educate and empower people around the topic of money – provide critical knowledge within a short read that can otherwise take years and tears to learn.

A challenge with money books is that the people who can most benefit are often the least likely to access it. There could be various reasons for this:

  • Some are unaware of the resources available, or too busy to access them.
  • The topic feels boring, intimidating or overwhelming.
  • Some feel hopelessness about their situation and that nothing can be done.
  • Some may have attempted a book in the past but never finished it, enjoyed it or acted on it, and they don’t want a repeat experience.
  • They are overly cautious in buying a copy, even though they intuitively know it’s the best investment they could make in themselves.

I have come across many people in these situations (and cover one such story in the book’s Introduction). I have tried to address these challenges by making Mission: Possible short, fun, easy to read, and easy to act on. I have addressed affordability as well (see point 4 below).

Getting the Book to those who can benefit the most

If you know friends, family or colleagues who need help navigating the topic of money, consider the options below. Helping people to get on top of this topic is an incredibly valuable gift.

1. Make them aware of Mission: Possible

Send a link to

2. Lend them your copy.

If they are reluctant readers, you can point out key chapters that will resonate.

3. Gift copies.

If you haven’t been able to see your family and friends recently, to shout them a round of drinks or coffees, shout them a round of books. Sure, a money book won’t quench a literal thirst, but it will be beneficial in many other ways. It’s a thoughtful, valuable gift, and you may find you end up being shouted by them for many years to come. Click ‘Buy the Book’ above to gift a copy. If you wish to purchase multiple copies, get in touch through the contact page.

4. Apply for a gifted copy.

I have asked financial organisations, committed to helping their customers, to gift copies to those who truly can’t afford a book. If you, your friends, family or colleagues are in that category, apply for one by completing the form below. To apply, provide your name, your best email contact (to be notified), and up to three key financial organisations you use (e.g. a bank, super fund, insurance company).

5. Encourage an investment in their own copy.

Spending a few dollars on a book that gets you financially sorted is one of the greatest financial investments you can make. If you, your friends, family or colleagues, want to get on top of your finances, don’t wait, put aside the few dollars and make the investment. You will make the investment back in the first couple of pages.

If you wish, buy one now and still apply for a gifted copy, so that you can pass it onto someone who needs it.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for actively thinking about what you can do for yourself, your family and your friends. Sharing fundamental financial knowledge has never been more important or more accessible. Thanks for being part of the move to empower more people.

Apply for a gifted copy

A couple of practical points:

  • Provide the names of up to three financial organisations you use. One name is okay, but as gifted copies are limited, more than one will increase your chances.
  • Your personal information will not be passed onto any financial institutions under any circumstances.
  • If a copy becomes available, you will be notified by email. There is a limit of one gifted copy per person.
  • I have set this up in good faith, to ensure those who need the knowledge will receive it. I can’t promise you will receive a copy, unfortunately, but I will do my best to deliver!